A History of Britain, Volume 1


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Author  Simon Schama
Publisher  Macmillan Audio
Publication Date   November 21, 2000

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The epic history of Britain from the landmark book and monumental, 14-part television series airing on the History channel

Simon Schama, one the most celebrated historians of our day, brings the history of Britain to dramatic life in this landmark work. Schama reanimates historical figures and events, and draws them skillfully into a powerful and profound narrative that combines passion and scholarship with a superb sense of storytelling.

At the Edge of the World, the first volume of Schama’s monumental work, moves from the birth of civilization to the Norman Conquest. It spans the religious wars and turbulence of the Middle Ages, the outbreak of the Black Plague, the reign of Edward I, the intrigues of the Tudors, and the clash between Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots.

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