Roman and Byzantine Malta

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Author  Brunella Bruno
Publisher  Midsea Books
Publication Date   September 1, 2009
ISBN  9993272450
Pages  250

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The idea of carrying out research on the Maltese archipelago during the Roman and Byzantine periods stems from the author's participation in the activities of the Missione Archeologica Italiana, which had resumed in Malta in 1995 in order to complete research conducted on the sites of Tas-Silg and San Pawl Milqi. These archaeological sites are today considered amongst the most important on the archipelago. Their stratigraphy spans an extensive timeframe - from prehistory to the modern era - making them important points of reference and comparison, not least in the classification and study of ceramic remains. Contents: Introduction; Chapter I: The Historical Picture: from the Roman Conquest to the Islamic Occupation; Chapter II: The Archaeology of the Roman and Byzantine Periods: Current Studies and Prospective Venues of Research; Chapter III: Land and Environment; Chapter IV: Settlement and Population: Inhabited Centres, Sanctuaries, Villas and Landed Properties; Chapter V: Economic Activity and Patronage: the Main Players; Chapter VI: The Exploitation of Local Resources; ChapterVII: Did the Islands Produce Foodstuffs and Amphorae?; Chapter VIII: An Analysis of Two Maltese Sites: the Tas-Silg Sanctuary and the Villa at San Pawl Milqi; Chapter IX: Importation of Goods: Evidence from the Amphorae; General Conclusions.

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