Dispelling the Mystery of Delphic E'I


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Author  Alexandre Arordi Varbedian
Publisher  Editions "Essence"
Publication Date   November 19, 2017
ISBN  9993085839
Pages  199


The presented research is devoted to a two-thousand-year mystery, which was the subject of the philosophical dispute summoned by Plutarch, the priest of Delphic temple, at the borderline of 2nd/3rd millenniums B.C. While, in 7th/8th centuries A.D. the Delphic temple has suffered from natural disasters, the tractate has survived. Since Renaissance up to our days the latter has given rise to heated and numerous interpretations. This investigation is one of them, but from an entirely different perspective, based on new discoveries in Eastern Studies, as well as based on the author's Indo-European and «E-ological» (parallel to ontology) theories. The research in itself is also a test to the validity of the author's theory. This investigation strives to disclose unexpected circumstances and to make a real breakthrough in a number of officially recognized theses and theories.

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