Rediscovering Armenia/Touristic Gazetteer...


Book Details

Author  John Brady Kiesling
Publisher  Tigran Mets
Publication Date   April 1, 2001
ISBN  9993052280
Pages  106


This book is a complete guide to all the monuments of Armenia. It does an incredible job of covering every single town and village in Armenia, describing locations, road conditions and sites. It comes with color topographic maps which are perfect for drivers, hikers, and anyone trying to understand the lay of the land. Throughout the book you will find beautiful sketches of some of the most impressive sites. The directions are invaluable and the site background is quite helpful. The sites are rated for those who have never been to Armenia before and pages are clearly marked by region for easy navigation around the pages. The book has little of the usual guidebook preparatory information such as visa information and places to eat in Yerevan, instead it gives you previously unavailable levels of detail on the sites themselves.