A Picturesque Voyage to Constantinople... (Book published January


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Author  Antoine Ignace Melling
Publisher  Kaptan Yay Denizler Kitabevi
Publication Date   January 26, 2020
ISBN  9944264393
Pages  268

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Contains picturesque views of Istanbul beautiful and impressive enough to be hung on a wall. It was published in French nearly two centuries ago, and had not been widely available in translation into English until now. For many bibliophiles and lovers of Istanbul, it is a rare and hard to reach work. Orhan Pamuk's Istanbul: Memories and the City where the author wrote "...of all the Western artists who painted the Bosphorus, it is Melling I find the most nuanced and convincing..." Already a sine qua non for academics, book lovers, and collectors, this masterpiece had thus gained international fame. In English, French and Turkish

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