The Mirror of Winal


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Author  David Fernando Marín Roma
Publisher  Pájaro Jaguar Records
Publication Date   October 18, 2017
ISBN  9929559310
Pages  52


The Mirror of Winal is a Tarot-like oracle card deck based on the ancient Tzolk'in calendar, used by many Mesoamerican civilizations for thousands of years through the present day. The interpretation of the cards according to their position on the spread is based on an ancient and respected oral tradition about the 20 Tzolk'in daysigns. This artisanal limited edition of 400 units has been prepared and signed by the author, and ritually bound to the mayan stela at the Burnt Mountain in Quetzaltenango. It includes a 52-page Mirror of Winal Instruction booklet in both English and Spanish, a set of 20 (12.7 cm x 9.2 cm) full color cards and a genuine hand made Mayan cloth bag with embroidery. For more information visit

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