Ancient Egyptian mystery adventure COOL generations...


Ancient Egyptian mystery adventure COOL generations Illustrated Books(Chinese Edition)

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Author  HAN XI TING Kang YoungSook LI YU YI
Publisher  Color Culture Publishing Ltd.
Publication Date   January 1, 2000
ISBN  9867298942


Language:Chinese.Pub Date: October 2005 Publisher: Color Culture Publishing Limited 210 Egyptian secret archives history textbooks did not teach. will take you to uncover the mystery of ancient Egypt! Robinson disappeared! Robinson finally came to the pyramids of Egypt to visit. because the crowd had become separated accidentally straying into a Chamber of Secrets. also found that half of the mysterious papyrus roll. After the resurrection mummies. Pharaohs Tomb ... all appear in his side! ? Robinson also became a legendary hero of the ancient Egyptian prophecy. what Robinson is to what? He faced together with the teenage pharaoh thrilling encounter it? Learning is not only knowledge alone textbooks through travel weekdays can not learn to get more knowledge. Book to most young people are fond of adventure novel that takes the reader into the mysterious world of ancient Egyp...

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