Gong Sunce said Tang Dynasty story


Gong Sunce said Tang Dynasty story(Chinese Edition)

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Publisher  Shang and Zhou
Publication Date   January 1, 2000
ISBN  9861240675


Language:Chinese.Paperback. Pub Date: November 2003 Pages: 256 Publisher: Shang and Zhou in classical poetry. there are too many allusions. these allusions are basic common sense for when the literati. but thousands of years later modern people. their education than the ancients range wide too. making it impossible to have a classic historical allusions if palm Ever since. every read less familiar with the story of poets Fu. the kind of Feel told Shudao man guards the pass. 10.000 Fumo open as obstacles line. For classical poetry profound mood often be nowhere near enough regret. The good police all affairs. said the ancient theory today Gong Sunce. this time locked poetry literature. poetry allusions interesting to the reading public about the history of story. modern a rapid interpretation of the the classical poetry abstruse allusions gold lock and key. Once you opened a ...

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