The Archaeology and Art of Ancient Egypt


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Author  Zahi Hawass
Publisher  American University in Cairo Press
Publication Date   October 1, 2007
ISBN  9774372417
Pages  978

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The contributions in this special two-volume publication are written by leading scholars from
around the world in honor of renowned Egyptologist David O’Connor, in celebration of his
long and distinguished career in fruitful excavation in the field, exemplary scholarship on
paper, and inspirational teaching in the classroom. Following a tribute and an archaeological
biography of Dr. O’Connor, 67 essays cover an array of topics on many aspects of ancient
Egyptian history and archaeology. Such a wide-ranging publication is a fitting tribute to a
man of so many achievements. Dr. O’Connor is Lila Acheson Wallace professor of ancient
Egyptian art at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University.

Contributors include Dieter Arnold, John Baines, Robert Bianchi, Manfred Bietak, Betsy
Bryan, Rosalie David, Günter Dreyer, Fekri Hassan, Zahi Hawass, Salima Ikram, Janice
Kamrin, Naguib Kanawati, Barry Kemp, Peter Lacovara, Mark Lehner, Geoffrey Martin, Tony
Mills, Angela Milward-Jones, Karol Mysliwiec, Richard Parkinson, Ali Radwan, Donald
Redford, Janet Richards, David Silverman, and Rainer Stadelmann.

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