The Mysteries of Abu Simbel

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Author  Zahi Hawass
Publisher  The American University in Cairo Press
Publication Date   April 1, 2001
ISBN  9774246233
Pages  120

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The temples of Abu Simbel have fascinated travelers since they became known to the Western world in the nineteenth century. And since the 1960s when the rising waters created by the Aswan High Dam threatened to engulf the site, visitors' imaginations have been captivated by the elaborate international rescue operation, described by the author as ''a great moment that no one will ever forget: the most advanced technology of the twentieth century was used to save one of the most amazing achievements of a civilization that preceeded it by 3,300 years.''
Prepared by one of the world's best-known Egyptologists, Dr. Zahi Hawass, this lavishly illustrated book is the ideal companion on a visit to the unique monuments of Abu Simbel.

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