From Ashurbanipal to Alexander


From Ashurbanipal to Alexander: Ancient Egypt during the Late Period (c. 672–332 BC)

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Author  David Klotz
Publisher  The American University in Cairo Press
Publication Date   April 10, 2019
ISBN  9774168011
Pages  256

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In the mid-first millennium bce, Egypt was repeatedly invaded and vanquished by the Assyrians, Persians, and finally Alexander the Great. Between these periods of foreign domination, Egyptians organized several revolutions, culminating in the prestigious Twenty-sixth and Thirtieth Dynasties, based in Sais and Sebennytos.

During the Late Period, Egypt regained its position as a superpower in the Eastern Mediterranean, forging alliances with Lydia, Cyrene, and nascent Greek city-states such as Athens. It also underwent significant social changes, witnessing a sudden influx of Greek merchants, Jewish exiles, and Persian armies. Amid this upheaval, Egyptian scribes and artists looked inward to their pharaonic heritage, reproducing archaic hieroglyphic inscriptions and reviving Old Kingdom sculptural styles

From Ashurbanipal to Alexander fills a major gap in ancient Egyptian historiography, presenting an up-to-date overview of the entire Late Period. By employing historical texts composed in many languages (Egyptian, Greek, Aramaic, Old Persian), and incorporating recent archaeological discoveries, it narrates the political events and captures the fascinating multi-ethnic and international culture of this era. Much attention is paid to non-royal Egyptian autobiographies; these personal testimonies transport readers beyond the usual lists of pharaohs and monuments, illustrating how major international events affected the Egyptian people, and restoring agency to the prominent individuals who actually managed the country.

This book will appeal to students, scholars, and general audiences interested in the history of ancient Egypt, Greece, Persia, and the Jewish Diaspora. Because of the time period and geographic interest, it would be a useful companion for all students reading Herodotus and Thucydides.

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