The Sculptors Models of the Late Ptolemaic Periods...

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Author  Nadja Tomoum
Publisher  The American University in Cairo Press
Publication Date   September 1, 2006
ISBN  9773058166
Pages  372

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This important study looks at a group of so-called sculptors’ models from the Late and Ptolemaic periods, which may have formed an essential part of the teaching and learning process in the sculptors’ workshops or may simply have been votive objects for worship or petition in the temples. The objects are sculptures in the round or reliefs. Most of them are fairly small - measuring an average of 10 to 30 cm - but occasionally they may measure up to 60 cm. Usually, they are of limestone, but a few are of hard stone, wood, or plaster. The range of subjects is limited mainly to individual figures, or parts of full figures, of gods, goddesses, kings, queens, priests, non-royal male and female persons, animals, and architectural elements.

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