The Funerary Art of Ancient Egypt


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Author  Abeer El-Shahawy
Publisher  The American University in Cairo Press
Publication Date   February 2, 2006
ISBN  9771723537
Pages  112

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Ancient Egyptian artists produced masterpieces and works of funerary art on a scale never seen before or since. This book is the first to discuss the artistic development of funerary scenes over the four hundred years of the New Kingdom, covering the different reigns of the period. It shows the sequence of events in the funeral processions and how they developed over the course of time. Moreover, it covers many different sites in the Theban necropolis, including scenes from many closed and unpublished tombs. This first-ever survey describes the pictorial drama that was the funeral procession, explores rare and unique scenes, and shows the echoes that remain from these ancient funerals in modern Egypt today.

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