Luxor Museum


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Author  Abeer El-Shahawy
Publisher  American University in Cairo Press
Publication Date   December 1, 2005
ISBN  9771723529
Pages  360

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The Luxor Museum houses a fine collection of Egyptian antiquities that is beautifully exhibited. This illustrated volume highlights some of the masterpieces found in ancient Thebes. There are glorious examples of ancient artifacts from tombs and temples in Karnak and Luxor, and the Deir al-Bahari mummy cache. Middle Kingdom statues depict the pharaohs who made Thebes their political capital and Amun the king of the gods. The New Kingdom brings statues and artifacts from the time of the great pharaohs such as Ahmose, Hatshepsut, and Thutmosis III. Akhenaten and the revolutionary Amarna art, and the famous boy king Tutankhamun, are present too.

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