The Ancient Khmer Empire (Book published July 1, 1999)


Book Details

Author  Lawerence Palmer Briggs
Publisher  White Lotus Co., Ltd.
Publication Date   July 1, 1999
ISBN  9748434931
Pages  307


This is a source book of early Khmer civilization, covering its art and architecture during the Funan (first century to c. 550), and Chenla (c. 550-802) periods, culminating with the Angkor period (802-1432) when the disastrous sacking of the capital by the Siamese in 1431 effectively brought this culture to a close. This source book is illustrated with numerous photographs, maps, and floor plans as well as dynastic genealogies of this great culture. In this reprint some illustrations from the Garnier Mission and Le Monde Illustré have been added.