Taxila: An Ancient Metropolis of Gandhara

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Author  Muhammad Ilyas Bhatti
Publisher  M. Ilyas
Publication Date   October 15, 2018
ISBN  9698570012


This book is an attempt to introduce Taxila and Gandhara art to the tourists and the general public who come to Taxila and understands for themselves the great heritage of Gandhara. The book is profusely illustrated with master pieces of Art and other excavated material in order to make the text easily understandable. It is not only a tourist guide for the visitors but also a great album which the tourists would like to take with them as a memorial of their visit to the places in Taxila. The author has been very selective in the choice of the objects and to the point in writing his text. Book is recommended to all those who love to visit Taxila The Great city of Alexander and his great successors.

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