The immortal spirit (Book published December 20, 1995)


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Author  Ya'acov Samid
Publisher  Traffic Publications Ltd.
Publication Date   December 20, 1995
ISBN  9652226564
Pages  218

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Jewish life in the first part of the 20th century in Europe is a chapter deficient, a story partly told, an agony captured in grim statistics, in silent old pictures, in hearts too pained to use words. Six million perished, and the survivors find it hard to give an accurate and unemotional account of what happened. The Hebrew Gymnasium in Bialystok is one such chapter of sorrow and destruction. But one of its graduates was determined to write its heroic tale, for educators and lovers of learning everywhere. During the first years of the last decade of the last century Ya'acov Samid assembled and listed some four hundred teachers and students of the first and only high school that defied the authorities and taught all subjects in Hebrew. After gathering the aging students in Tel-Aviv, (May 1990), the participants prevailed on Mr. Samid, a Master of Electrical Engineering, to write the story of the Gymnasium. His condition was that the survivors would write their personal stories. They did, and Ya'acov Samid threaded those first hand accounts into a gripping book, an accurate and inspiring history of the short lived Gymnasium 1919-1939.

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