The Empedoclean Kosmos


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Author  Apostolos Pierris
Publisher  Institute for Philosophical Research, Patras
Publication Date   December 30, 2005
ISBN  9608818311
Pages  425

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Papers from the Symposium Philosophiae Antiquae Tertium Myconense held in Mykonos, 6th - 13th July 2003. The theme was Empedocles' conception of Kosmos, and contributors look at his theory on the foundation, order, and development of the world; a basic reassessment of the Cosmic Cycle; the physical, metaphysical and religious dimensions of his theory; and the substantial new piece of Empedoclean evidence provided by the Strasbourg Papyrus. Contributors: Sir Anthony Kenny; Glenn Most; Jean Bollack; Rene Nünlist; Richard Janko; Patricia Curd; Richard McKirahan; Apostolos Pierris; Daniel Graham; Oliver Primavesi; André Laks; Catherine Osborne; Angelo Tonelli; David Sedley; Laura Gemelli-Marciano.

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