Value and Knowledge

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Author  Apostolos Pierris
Publisher  Institute for Philosophical Research
Publication Date   December 1, 2000
ISBN  9607960351
Pages  796

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This volume looks at the ancient Greek economy. Of particular importance, is how the economic structure of this society could allow enough of a surplus to enable artistic endeavour. Contents: The Platonic credit economy and fiat money: Money as token of credit in exchange; Aristotle's individualistic foundation of political society: Self-interest and utility. The state as means for individual excellence; The theory of merit, status and property (Aristotle). Social and legal justice: Weighted and unweighted equality in dealings; The utility theory of value and money (Aristotle). Economic justice: Inversely weighted equality in quantity according to merit; Knowledge as the ultimate asset of power; Knowledge as the ultimate asset of wealth: The knowledge theory of value; Appendices.

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