The Siege of Troy


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Author  E. M. Berens
Publisher  Gregory Zorzos
Publication Date   July 21, 2009
ISBN  9607759214
Pages  66

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Troy or Ilion was the capital of a kingdom in Asia Minor, situated near the Hellespont, and founded by Ilus, son of Tros. At the time of the famous Trojan war this city was under the government of Priam, a direct descendant of Ilus. Priam was married to Hecuba, daughter of Dymas, king of Thrace; and among the most celebrated of their children were the renowned and valiant Hector, the prophetess Cassandra, and Paris, the cause of the Trojan war. Before the birth of her second son Paris, Hecuba dreamt that she had given birth to a flaming brand, which was interpreted by Esacus the seer (a son of Priam by a former marriage) to signify that she would bear a son who would cause the destruction of the city of Troy ...

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