Macedonian Treasures

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Author  Angeliki Kottaridi
Publisher  Kapon Editions
Publication Date   December 31, 2011
ISBN  9606878406
Pages  128

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The Museum of the Royal Tombs of Aigai was built especially to protect the monuments in the burial complex of King Philip II and to facilitate the public's access to their splendid murals, original large-scale paintings of the Classical period. In the form of an ancient tumulus and encasing the monuments, this Museum-Mausoleum is dedicated to the memory of illustrious historical figures familiar to all. This guide to the Museum of the Royal Tombs takes the reader step by step on the tour of this particularly spare and austere, yet simultaneously atmospheric, exhibition of the treasures from these tombs, which are displayed in units. Impressive photographs accompany historical information and the presentation of the exhibits, transporting the visitor through space and time, in the footsteps of the remarkable flowering of culture in the land of Macedonia during Classical Antiquity.

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