The Olympic Games in Ancient Greece


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Author  M. Andronicos
Publisher  Ekdotike Athenon S.A.
Publication Date   December 31, 1994
ISBN  9602134054
Pages  304


Countless volumes have been written about Greek civilisation, its achievements, and its significance for the modern world. Anyone wishing to read a systematic, well-documented account of the history and meaning of sport in ancient Greece, however, would have difficulty in finding the relevant books. Ekdotike Athenon felt it incumbent upon itself to present a complete picture of the history of sport and of the Olympic Games, as part of its series of publications. To this end, the aid has been sought of all the specialists who would be able to offer the reader an authoritative account both of the history of the Games, and also of the historical and archaeological data that illuminate this history and make it possible to interpret it. It would be difficult, however, for even the most competent historian to bring to life the world of sport and athletic games without the aid of illustrations. A uniquely rich series of plates and drawings has therefore been included, which will enable the reader to follow the text with ease, and to form a complete and living picture of athletics in Ancient Greece. It is our belief that this volume will be of value and interest to lovers of sport, of the ancient world and of art, and to specialists alike.

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