Mycenae - A Guide to its ruins and History...


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Author  George E. Mylonas
Publisher  Ekdotike Athenon
Publication Date   December 12, 2006
ISBN  9602131446
Pages  95

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An excerpt from the preface by the writer, Professor E. Mylonas - Director of the Excavations at Mycenae."Thirty years of excavation have brought about the need for a Guide book such as this, which contains the latest results of the archaeologists' work at Mycenae. The illustrations and the many plans it contains will, I hope, make easy the study of the ruins which at first glance seem labyrinthine. In Part I of the Guide I give a full description of the remains on the acropolis of Mycenae; in Part II, an account of the tombs and houses to be found outside the acropolis. In Part III, I offer a concise account of the history and legends of Mycenae, of the excavations and of the excavators whose work has made possible the study of the Mycenaean civilization. In this way a rounded picture of the site and its historic role in the affairs of Greece may be obtained from reading the Guide and inspection of the site. It is hoped that the visit to the City of Agamemnon will prove a memorable experience for the reader."

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