The Aegean

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Author  Odysseas Elytes
Publisher  Melissa Publishing House
Publication Date   December 31, 1999
ISBN  9602040122
Pages  456

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A collection of eleven essays provides an assessment of the influence the Aegean world has exerted upon Greek art and civilization throughout the ages. The eleven authors, all leading experts in their fields of history, literature and art, highlight important aspects of the Aegean world in texts that combine up-to-date scholarship with a lively re-evaluation of philosophy, architecture, sculpture painting, etc. The book's most engaging quality, however, is the manner in which it attempts to convey a vivid image of the Aegean Sea and the civilization that flourished on its islands. Illustrated throughout with unique, often full page aerial photographs and drawings, the volume brilliantly captures the essence of Greek civilization and constitutes a lively introduction to the history of the Aegean world. It also provides a comprehensive study and evaluation of its many aspects and succeeds in establishing it as a point of reference for Western culture.

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