Buddhism at Sarnath

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Author  Anand Singh
Publisher  Primus Books
Publication Date   May 5, 2014
ISBN  9380607741
Pages  194

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This book is an attempt to discuss the status of Buddhism in S?rn?th on the basis of the vast available original sources. It is a reconstruction of different Buddhist traditions that evolved in S?rn?th since the preaching of four noble truths to the construction of Dharmachakrajina Vih?ra in the early medieval age. An objective assessment of the history, architecture, epigraphs and decline of S?rn?th has been undertaken by placing reliance mainly on archaeological, epigraphic and literary sources. An effort has been made to analyse the religious traditions, origin and geo-morphological construction of the S?rn?th region, dhammacakkapabattana, its religious and architectural symbolism and patronage. The probable causes of the decline of Buddhism in Sarnath is also traced on the background of Chinese, Indian and Persian sources supported by archaeological reports.Z

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