The life and travels of Herodotus in the fifth...


The life and travels of Herodotus in the fifth century before Christ: an imaginary biography founded on fact, illustrative of the history, manners, religion, literature, arts, and social condition of the Greeks, Egyptians, Persans, Babylonians, Hebrews, S

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Author  James Talboys, Wheeler
Publisher  Isha Books
Publication Date   September 24, 2017
ISBN  9333085777


Vol-2, Pages 478 It is the reproduction of the old book published long back. We try our level best to give you perfect book but some time, due to old books some imperfections like missing or damaged Pages left in the book. These are due to the original artefact or left at the time of scanning. We found this book important for current readers who want to know about our old treasure so we brought them back to the shelves for you. We hope you will encourage us by accepting them in this reformed condition. We do not change the contents of the book just make it more readable by removing its yellow background. A coloured Dust cover with glossy Lamination is wrapped on the book. Print on Demand

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