Les papyrus demotiques de Tsenhor (Book published December 31


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Author  PW Pestman
Publisher  Peeters Publishers
Publication Date   December 31, 1994
ISBN  9068316575
Pages  287

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The Tsenhor Archive has been a long time coming. Since the days of Griffith, scholars have eagerly awaited an edition of this archive from a family of Theban choachytes (undertakers), which presents a rich variety of content matter. It contains seventeen early demotic title deeds documenting various aspects of family law (marriage, inheritance), but also sales of cattle, slaves, and donations of land. All these texts are lavishly published in photography, transcription, transliteration and translation with full notes and indexes. The general commentary focuses on the juridical and diplomatic aspects of texts. This book is capped off with a comprehensive paleographical table of signs from the texts (contrasting the signs as they occur in isolation and in ligatures), as well as with a chronological table of the period 728-326 B.C., which both deserve to be mentioned separately.

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