Phoenicia and the Bible. Studia Phoenicia... (Book published


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Author  E Lipinski
Publisher  Peeters Publishers
Publication Date   December 31, 1991
ISBN  9068313770
Pages  244

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A general introduction to these conference proceedings and a comparison of the material culture of Phoenicia and Israel are followed by an analysis of the proper names in the Egyptian story of Wenamon, by a report on the recent excavations at Dor, and a study of the Cypro-Phoenician ware. There are essays on Mount Saphon and on Japhet's progeny, two studies on the tribe of Asher and the of Asher and the kingdom of Tyre, and a challenging analysis of the biblical traditions related to King Solomon's relations with Tyre. Further studies deal with the Phoenician deities worshipped in Israel and Judah, with the Greek translations of molek in the Septuagint, with the priestly dress as described in the Bible and the Phoenician dress as represented on the Umm el-'Amed steles, and with a bronze composition from Antarados.

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