A History of Ancient Project Management


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Author  Y.C. Chiu
Publisher  Eburon Academic Publishers
Publication Date   June 24, 2011
ISBN  9059724917
Pages  248

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In his first book, An Introduction to the History of Project Management: From the Earliest Times to AD 1900, the author took an investigative journey through the history of project management of Western history that represented a timeline of over 5,000 years. The study placed contemporary project management into historical perspective and enabled it to be compared with the earlier practices. The conclusions of the study also contributed to the body of knowledge of project management that are absent from today’s science. The author suggested further research to increase the precision and value of the historical understandings of project management. He recommended four separate research studies of the history of project management in the four broad eras of Western history, namely, ancient civilisations, medieval period, modern era and contemporary period. This book is the author’s second research study into the history of the project management. It is an attempt to investigate project management in the ancient civilisations in more detail. The significance is that it adds insight to the existing body of knowledge concerning ancient project management prior to the fall of the Roman Empire in the fifth century AD. Project management applies knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities in order to achieve defined requirements. It is the very deliberate orchestration of areas of expertise to complete a specific project. Investigating the history of project management enables us to reach a comprehensive view of both the historical development of relevant areas of expertise and their application to project activities. As with his previous book, this book is intended for project management professionals who would like to explore the significance of the history of project management.

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