Northwest Necropolis, Southwest Sanctuary...

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Author  Birgitte Ginge
Publisher  Purdue University Press
Publication Date   November 21, 2006
ISBN  9051703619
Pages  237

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The ancient site of Satricum, modern Borgo Le Ferriere, ca. 60 kilometres south of Rome, was excavated by Italian archaeologists in 1896-1898 and again in 1907-1910. Finds from the earlier of these two excavations have been on display in the Villa Giulia Museum in Rome since they were first excavated. The material from the second excavation in 1907-1910 has not previously been presented to the public. This volume presents all the extant information deriving from the four seasons of excavation at Satricum in 1907-1910. During the period the archaeologists recovered more than thirty burials in an Iron Age necropolis, uncovered the foundations of a hut near the temple for Mater Matuta, and excavated an otherwise unknown sanctuary with a small temple and votive deposits within the southwestern portion of the settlement. Interpretation of the archaeological data and the field records from part of these excavations adds new and exciting information to our understanding of the society that created one of the most famous sanctuaries in ancient Latium.

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