Ancient Memphis, 'Enduring is the Perfection'...

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Author  L Evans
Publisher  Peeters Publishers
Publication Date   August 31, 2012
ISBN  9042925469
Pages  451

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Ancient Memphis 'Enduring is the Perfection' brings together some of the latest findings regarding Egypt's first capital. The twenty-two papers that comprise the volume were originally presented in August 2008 during a conference held at Macquarie University, Sydney, in which both international speakers and scholars from across Australia examined the administrative functions of Memphis, its social structure, demography, art, material culture, religious institutions, and mortuary beliefs from the beginning of the Early Dynastic Period to the end of the New Kingdom. Collectively, the papers provide a fascinating overview of one of the most important cities in dynastic history and reveal the potential of ancient Memphis for achieving a greater understanding of Egypt's socio-political and cultural development.

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