Between Rome and Jerusalem (Book published July 30, 2012)


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Author  B. Mahieu
Publisher  Peeters Publishers
Publication Date   July 30, 2012
ISBN  9042924977
Pages  706

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The present study proposes a challenging new chronological framework for the Herodian age, a critical period in Jewish history. Not only do the rules of Herod the Great and his sons receive altered time settings, but the birth and death of Jesus are alsoplaced several years later than is generally accepted. As a consequence of this the dates of Paul's apostolate are reexamined. Ostensibly narrow in scope, these modificationsentail far-reaching implications for our understanding of the Syro-Palestinian region at the beginning of the present era. Interconnections between numerous events are established and tensions within and between the Herodian and Hasmonean dynasties are laid bare. It is shown that Roman impact on the East was substantial, with a strong Hellenistic influence exerted on local cultures. Several customs of the Jewish and early Christian communities, hitherto unknown, are also brought to light.

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