Under the Potter's Tree. Studies on Ancient...

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Author  David Aston
Publisher  Peeters
Publication Date   August 3, 2011
ISBN  9042924721
Pages  1072

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This book presents fifty wide-ranging articles written by various international scholars in honour of Janine Bourriau. In date these studies range from the Predynastic Period to the Twentieth Century AD and cover all aspects of Egyptology. As is to be expected most deal with the topic for which Janine is most famous - ceramic studies. These include items on miniature pots, Aswan flasks, fish dishes, Bes vases, embalming caches, terracotta figurines, copies of ceramic vessels in glass, stone and metal, painted pottery, depictions of vases in Egyptian reliefs, newly excavated ceramic material, and the influence of Egyptian motifs on pottery of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries AD. However as a token of Janine's wide-ranging enthousiasm for her chosen career, there are also articles which consider hair combs, soul houses, stelae, coffins, Nubia, the domitian of princess Meketaten, the length of the reign of Seti I, Late Period names, Ancient Egyptian science, Petrie's unpublished archives and Luxor geology.

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