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Publisher  Peeters Publishers
Publication Date   December 31, 2008
ISBN  9042924276
Pages  432

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Preface and Acknowledgments Abbreviations KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Yannis HAMILAKIS: Time, Performance, and the Production of a Mnemonic Record: From Feasting to an Archaeology of Eating and Drinking FEASTS FOR THE GODS: FEASTING PRACTICES AND RELIGIOUS ASPECTS; Jennifer WILSON: What Were the Women Doing While the Men Were Eating and Drinking? : The Evidence of the Frescoes; Anna SIMANDIRAKI: The Minoan Body as a Feast; Bernice JONES: Anthropomorphic Vessels at the Feast: Evidence for Dress or Ornament?; Brent DAVIS: Libation and the Minoan Feast; David COLLARD: Possible Alternatives to Alcohol: The Contextual Analysis of Poppy-shaped Jugs from Cyprus and the Aegean; Dora CONSTANTINIDIS: From Fields to Feasts: Interpreting Aegean Architecture and Iconography in Relation to Feast Preparations; Janice L. CROWLEY: In Honour of the Gods - But Which Gods? Identifying Deities in Aegean Glyptic; Helene WHITTAKER: The Role of Drinking in Religious Ritual in the Mycenaean Period; Elizabeth SHANK: Decorated Dining Halls; Gullog NORDQUIST: Feasting: Participation and Performance FEASTS FOR THE HUMANS: COOKING, FOOD AND WINE; Sarah P. MORRIS: Wine and Water in the Bronze Age: Fermenting, Mixing and Serving Vessels; Thomas M. BROGAN and Andrew J. KOH: Feasting at Mochlos? New Evidence for Wine Production, Storage and Consumption from a Bronze Age Harbor Town on Crete?; Rachel FOX: Tastes, Smells and Spaces: Sensory Perceptions and Mycenaean Palatial Feasting; Bart?omiej LIS: Cooked Food in the Mycenaean Feast - Evidence from the Cooking Pots; Julie HRUBY: You Are How You Eat: Mycenaean Class and Cuisine FEASTS IN THE AEGEAN LANDSCAPE: THE EVIDENCE FROM CRETE; Philip P. BETANCOURT, David S. Reese, Louise L. Verstegen, and Susan C. Ferrence: Feasts for the Dead: Evidence from the Ossuary at Hagios Charalambos; Luca GIRELLA: Feasts in 'transition'? An overview of feasting practices during MM III in Crete; Loeta TYREE, Athanasia KANTA and Harriet Lewis ROBINSON: Evidence for Ritual Eating and Drinking: A View from Skoteino Cave; Judith REID: Dinnertime at Kato Zakro ; Jan DRIESSEN, Alexandre FARNOUX and Charlotte LANGOHR: Favissae. Feasting Pits in LM III; Quentin LETESSON and Jan DRIESSEN: From 'Party' to 'Ritual' to 'Ruin' in Minoan Crete: The Spatial Context of Feasting FEASTS IN THE AEGEAN LANDSCAPE: THE EVIDENCE FROM THE MAINLAND; Jennifer O'NEILL: Utility and Metaphor: The Design of The House of Tiles at Lerna; Kim S. SHELTON: Drinking, Toasting, Consumption and Libation: Late Helladic IIIA Pottery and a Cup for Every Occasion; Salvatore VITALE: Ritual Drinking and Eating at LH IIIA2 Early Mitrou, East Lokris. Evidence for Mycenaean Feasting Activities?; Gisela WALBERG and David S. REESE: Feasting at Midea IMAGES OF THE FEAST: ICONOGRAPHY; Ingo PINI: Are there any Representations of Feasting in the Aegean Bronze Age?; Fritz BLAKOLMER: Processions in Aegean Iconography II: Who are the Participants?; Susan C. FERRENCE: Is There Iconography of the Minoan Feast?; Marcia NUGENT: Picturing the Feast - Recipes as Art. Botanic Motifs of the Late Bronze Age Cycladic Islands FEASTS ABROAD: COMPARATIVE EVIDENCE FROM THE EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN; Jennifer M. WEBB and David FRANKEL: Fine Ware Ceramics, Consumption and Commensality: Mechanisms of Horizontal and Vertical Integration in Early Bronze Age Cyprus; Kathryn O. ERIKSSON: Feasting as Part of the Multiculturalism of Late Bronze Age Cyprus; Alison SOUTH: Feasting in Cyprus: a View from Kalavasos; Louise A. HITCHCOCK: Architectures of Feasting; Karen Polinger FOSTER: A Taste for the Exotic; Ann E. KILLEBREW and Justin LEV-TOV: Early Iron Age Feasting and Cuisine: an Indicator of Philistine-Aegean Connectivity?; Aren M. MAEIR: Aegean Feasting and other Indo-European Elements in the Philistine Household; Assaf YASUR-LANDAU: Hard to Handle: Aspects of Organization in Aegean and Near Eastern Feasts FEASTS IN THE TEXTS: THE WRITTEN RECORD; John G. YOUNGER: Food Rations and Portions in Cretan Hieroglyphic Documents; Ioannis FAPPAS: The Use of Perfumed Oils during Feasting Activities: A Comparison of Mycenaean and Near Eastern Written Sources; Stavroula NIKOLOUDIS: Bulls and Belonging: Another Look at PY Cn 3; Thomas G. PALAIMA: The Significance of Mycenaean Words Relating to Meals, Meal Rituals, and Food; Vassilis P. PETRAKIS: E-ke-ra2-wo ? wa-na-ka: The Implications of a Probable Non-Identification for Pylian Feasting and Politics; Cynthia W. SHELMERDINE: Host and Guest at a Mycenaean Feast; Jorg WEILHARTNER: Some Observations on the Commodities in the Linear B Tablets Referring to Sacrificial Banquets; AFTERTHOUGHT; Thomas G. PALAIMA: A New Linear B Inscription from the Land Down Under: AUS HO(ME) Bo 2008.

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