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Publisher  Peeters Publishers
Publication Date   December 31, 2005
ISBN  9042924233
Pages  843

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Over eighty essays are presented in this substantial two-volume set, the proceedings of the 10th International Aegean Conference held at the Italian School of Archaeology in Athens in 2004. They demonstrate that none of the cultures of the Bronze Age Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean existed in isolation, instead the whole area was a marketplace, operating through a sophisticated network of trade and diplomacy. Following a series of methodological papers, the contributions investigate the influence of Mycenaeans and Minoans across the whole area drawing on archaeological, material, iconographic and written sources as well as ceramics and seals. Sections focus in turn on evidence from Crete, Asia Minor, Cyprus, the Levant, Egypt and the central Mediterranean, followed by three sections on arts and crafts, seals and written sources. The majority of papers are in English and many are illustrated.

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