Exchange Relationships at Ugarit

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Author  Kevin M McGeough
Publisher  Peeters Publishers
Publication Date   December 1, 2007
ISBN  9042919353
Pages  438

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Excavations at Late Bronze Age Ugarit (in Syria) have provided a wealth of information about economic activities within the city itself and in the Eastern Mediterranean more generally. This volume explores how economic agents in and around Ugarit operated in different exchange networks and how elite actors could gain power by operating across more than one network. By applying a Network-based model to both the textual and the archaeological data from the site of Ugarit, economic activities at the site are reconstructed in this volume. The textual evidence is investigated in detail, with special attention paid to the alphabetic economic texts and associated vocabulary. The archaeological evidence is examined seperately and both types of data are then used in tandem to reconstruct ancient economic relationships at Ugarit. This volume is of interest not only to specialists in Ugarit and Ancient Syria but to any scholar interested in exploring new methods for understanding ancient economic relationships.

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