Sasanian Seals and Sealings in the A. Saeedi Collection...

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Author  R Gyselen
Publisher  Peeters
Publication Date   August 1, 2007
ISBN  9042912685
Pages  407

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Most of the Sasanian seals published in this catalogue have been in the Saeedi family collection for several decades. The collection, however, has continued to grow since this publication was conceived, with more seals being added to it as the opportunity arose. The 131 seals included here are only a small part of the collection, and the sample applies to the clay sealings covered in this work. Where more than one sealing bears the same impression, we have contented ourselves with reproducing one well-preserved specimen, or, where necessary, two less well-preserved ones. This work, therefore, does not include all the sealings cited in the editor's previous work on administrative seals. A concordance between those cited in that work and those published here is instead provided. Comprising as it does some 463 clay sealings, at least half of which bear the seals of administrative bodies or high-ranking dignitaries, this collection is the richest ever to have been published.

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