Swastika over the Acropolis (Book published September 1, 2013


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Author  Craig Stockings
Publisher  BRILL
Publication Date   September 1, 2013
ISBN  9004254579
Pages  664

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Swastika over the Acropolis is a new, multi-national account which provides a new and compelling interpretation of the Greek campaign of 1941, and its place in the history of World War II. It overturns many previously accepted English-language assumptions about the fighting in Greece in April 1941 - including, for example, the impact usually ascribed to the Luftwaffe, German armour and the conduct of the Greek Army
Further, Swastika over the Acropolis demonstrates that this last complete strategic victory by Nazi Germany in World War II is set against a British-Dominion campaign mounted as a withdrawal, not an attempt to 'save' Greece from invasion and occupation. At the same time, on the German side, the campaign revealed serious and systemic weaknesses in the planning and the conduct of large-scale operations that would play a significant role in the regime's later defeats.

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