Catalogue De L'ecole Biblique Et Archeologique...

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Author  Not Available
Publisher  Brill Academic Pub
Publication Date   October 1, 2005
ISBN  9004148515

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"The Catalogue de l'Ecole Biblique et Archeologique Francaise" ("Catalogue of the French Biblical and Archaeological School of Jerusalem") is the electronic edition of the card catalog database for the Ecole Biblique's library. It enables researchers to find comprehensive bibliographic information relating to Biblical and ancient Near Eastern studies, archaeology, and related disciplines quickly and accurately. The specialized focus and extensive holdings of the Ecole's library make the Catalogue a uniquely valuable resource for research and study. The richness and depth of the library collection and its detailed catalogue system has made the Ecole Biblique an unparalleled resource for biblical scholars and archaeologists from throughout the world. The collection consists of more than 115,000 volumes and 400 active journals specializing in biblical studies, Near Eastern archaeology and ancient Middle Eastern languages and literature. The Ecole's catalogue goes beyond author, title, and subject. It offers a complete, up-to-date bibliography of scholarly publications, both monographs and articles, in the above fields of study. Of special interest to biblical scholars are its subject headings of individual books, chapters and verses of the Bible. These in effect create in-depth bibliographies of particular passages and pericopes. A scholar interested in a particular verse will find an extensive working bibliography in just a few minutes. This updated version offers considerably improved search functionality which enables the user to find results even more quickly and efficiently. Future updates, containing the latest additions to the library's holdings, will be published at regular intervals.

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