Riding Costume in Egypt

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Publisher  Brill
Publication Date   November 28, 2003
ISBN  9004131639
Pages  416

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An extremely rare and conspicuous find of oriental riding costumes in the late antique necropolis of Antinoopolis (Middle Egypt) brought together a number of specialists piecing together their evolution and historical context. The first part deals with the evolution and distribution of the oriental riding costume in the Middle and Near East through the ages and the historical background on the find spot. The second part focuses on the original costumes in various museum collections including much so far unpublished material, technical researches and reconstructions. Surprising new insights on the social background of their owners has been obtained by carefully studying and piecing together the finding context. Also the representations of riding costumes in and on different monuments are carefully examined. The book is richly illustrated with colour and black and white plates.

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