The Fragments of the Methodists

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Author  Manuela Tecusan
Publisher  Brill Academic Pub
Publication Date   July 30, 2007
ISBN  9004117245
Pages  1589

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The "Fragments of the Methodists in Two Volumes is a new attempt to give a first corpus of its kind. Manuela Tecusan has collected, edited, and translated all the surviving testimonials concerning one of the most influential "schools" or doctrines of medicine in late antiquity: Methodism. The fragments are accompanied by a textual apparatus, a running commentary, an extensive introductory study, and two glossaries of medical and pharmacological terms. Apart from its intrinsic novelty, this material affords fresh insights into broad topics of contemporary concern, such as the relation between philosophy and medicine, problems of biomedical ethics, the epistemological foundations of the sciences, the role of causal explanation - explored here in their fascinating historical set-up. Many of the long texts included in the Methodist collection become now available in a translation for the first time.

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