Greek Pottery from the Iberian Peninsula

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Author  Adolfo Dominguez
Publisher  Brill Academic Publishers
Publication Date   March 7, 2001
ISBN  9004116044
Pages  501

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Excavations on the Iberian Peninsula yield more and more Archaic and Classical Greek material every year. This is the first book to be published in English that discusses Archaic and Classical Greek pottery found in that area. The volume provides elaborate and up-to-date information. The first chapter (by A. Dominguez) is dedicated to Archaic pottery and covers the whole Peninsula; the second (by C. Sanchez) covers the Classical period, mainly based on the study of Attic pottery from Eastern Andalusia. Both chapters contain a catalogue with many illustrations. Not just finds are listed, but distribution and shape studies are included, as well as a discussion of how the local Iberian population viewed Attic painted pottery. The final chapter gives a general overview of trade, based upon the information presented in the previous chapters.

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