Early Mamluk Syrian Historiography

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Author  Li Guo
Publisher  Brill Academic Pub
Publication Date   February 1, 1998
ISBN  9004108181
Pages  2

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This laudable work offers a study, translation and partial edition of one of the most important early Mamluk sources and its author. In addition to the work's contribution to Mamluk history, it also makes a significant contribution towards the ultimate goal of having the key texts of early Mamluk historiography accessible to scholars. In volume I the life and work of al-Yūnīnī (d. 1326), the textual history of his Chronicle, its historiographic significance and textual filiation with other independent sources are presented and discussed. Volume II is an edition of the years 697-701/1297-1302 of al-Yūnīnī's Chronicle, collated with the extant fragments of al-Jazarī's (d. 1338) ḥawādith al-zamān.

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