Indices in Eustathii Commentarios Ad Homeri Iliadem...

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Author  Helena Maria Keizer
Publisher  Brill
Publication Date   August 1, 1997
ISBN  9004103279
Pages  656

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Until now Eustathius' monumental commentary (12th century) on Homer's Iliad in the erudite four-volume edition (1971-1987) of Dr M. van der Valk lacked a suitable tool to access it. This index volume is designed to serve the user in at least four ways. The first index lists proper names. (Names of dialects have been listed again in an appendix). The second index consists of Greek words discussed by Eustathius. It spans the period from Homeric until Byzantine times. The third index comprises Eustathius' own vocabulary, both technical (grammatical, rhetorical, metrical) and non-technical (post-classical, Byzantine), with an appendix of entries which in particular reveal Eustathius' appreciation of Homer as rhetorician, storyteller and teacher. Index IV contains the sources which were used by Eustathius or which offer parallels to his remarks.

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