L'Agronomie de La Misopotamie Antique

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Author  Mohammed Faiz
Publisher  Brill Academic Publishers
Publication Date   August 1, 1995
ISBN  9004101993
Pages  332

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This book deals with the agronomy of ancient Mesopotamia. It relies on the original, yet hardly known, agronomic encyclopaedia: The "Book of Nabatean Agriculture" written by Qutama (end of Antiquity). The three parts of the book analyze the origin of the Mesopotamian school of agriculture and its economic and agro-technical conceptions. The material is a considerable contribution to the history of the Mesopotamian agriculture. It also contains the knowledge which was basic to the establishment of the agronomic culture of Islam. Besides, the historians of agronomy could, thanks to this new material, relate the Mesopotamian contribution to the development of the science of agriculture.

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