The Art of the Scythians (Book published December 31, 1995)


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Author  Esther Jacobson
Publisher  Brill
Publication Date   December 31, 1995
ISBN  9004098569
Pages  215

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Subtitled `The interpretation of cultures at the edge of the Hellenistic world', this book considers the art of the Scythians of the northern littoral of the Black Sea as expressed in gold, silver, bronze, and bone. By approaching the understanding of artistic traditions in terms of an evolving process, rooted in an archaic steppe culture but ultimately shaped by the confrontation of Near Eastern, Hellenic and Hellenistic tastes, Jacobson's study goes beyond the traditional location of Scythian art as a subset of Greek goldwork. He pays particular consideration to the gradual transformation of object types and styles, from their reflection of archaic zoomorphic representations in carved bone, wood, and bronze, to traditions expressive of Hellenistic tastes and sensibilities, in gold and silver. By examining in detail individual objects, as well as classes of objects, Jacobson articulates a specifically Scythian stylistic and iconographic tradition, and a specifically Scythian contribution to the working of precious metals.

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