Pharaonic Egyptian Clothing

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Author  Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood
Publisher  Brill Academic Pub
Publication Date   October 21, 1993
ISBN  9004097449
Pages  196

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This volume is intended to serve as a guide to the identification of everyday Pharaonic Egyptian clothing. It discusses dated material from excavated sources, as well as giving the construction of typical pieces and an indication of how the ancient Egyptians saw these garments. The book deals with each garment type in a separate chapter and covers such items as cloth and leather loincloths; dresses; bag-tunics; and various types of headgear. "Pharaonic Egyptian Clothing" is illustrated with numerous line drawings, as well as illustrations depicting various surviving garments. There is a glossary which describes both the basic garment types and the sewing techniques which may be encountered.

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