The Pediments of the Parthenon

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Author  Olga Palagia
Publisher  Brill Academic Pub
Publication Date   January 1, 1993
ISBN  9004096833
Pages  74

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A comprehensive account of the Parthenon pediments, designed to serve as an introduction to their study and including new proposals for the restoration and interpretation of their composition. Debate on the Parthenon pediments has concentrated on the interpretation of individual figures, the restoration of the missing parts and the question of Roman repairs. This study is based on autopsy and considers the evidence of technical details. It questions the attribution of certain familiar pieces and offers new suggestions for restoring the east pediments. All sculptures are illustrated, some with photographs taken especially for this book, and there are new drawings of the restoration proposed by the authhtor. The first chapter offers a general introduction to the study of the pediments. It includes an assessment of the documentation and a summary of stylistic and technical characteristics of the sculptures. The book then treats each pediment separately. The discussion of individual sculptures is incorporated in a continuous narrative which sets them within the context of the overall composition.

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