Gold Crowns of Silla

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Author  The Korea Foundation
Publisher  The Korea Foundation
Publication Date   January 25, 2011
ISBN  8986090384
Pages  144

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The gold crowns and ornaments recovered from the Gyeongju royal tombs reflect the historical circumstances of Silla in the fifth and sixth centuries, when its artistic culture flourished. The design motifs and symbols of the crowns express the aspirations and dreams that the royalty felt for the preservation of their kingdom and this style of gold crown is unique to a particular period of Silla.
The book introduces the gold crowns and related articles excavated from five royal tombs: the Great Tomb at Hwangnam, Heavenly Horse Tomb, Gold Crown Tomb, Auspicious Phoenix Tomb, and Gold Bell Tomb. The descriptions are accompanied by numerous photographs and related details. In addition, three insightful essays by art history scholars are included, which explain the gold culture of Silla, the significance of Silla gold crowns, and the historical background of Silla s exceptional culture.

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