Social history of architecture (Book published March 20, 2008


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Author  Bill Rijebero
Publisher  Deterioration
Publication Date   March 20, 2008
ISBN  8930103324

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Social history of architecture
British architect and urban planner Bill Rizebero wrote Modern Architecture and Design from a political and economic perspective. The author looked at how the architecture was built and who built it, based on the idea that architecture is an expression of the social and economic situation at that time. Throughout the Industrial Revolution, he examined architecture in the capitalist and socialist systems, and described the post-modern architecture and the ecological architecture of today through the First and Second World Wars and the Cold War. Furthermore, he raised the problems of architecture, urbanization and environmental problems formed by the products of various ideologies and theories.

The authors illustrations of more than 800 cuts serve as visual aids while helping to understand the text. Elevation and floor plans of monumental buildings, portraits of architects and other historically important figures, maps and city plans showing the historical background of historical events, and sketches of design products that have inspired the times with various statistical graphs and pioneering designs. To understand the development of more than two hundred years of modern architecture.

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